The Complete Leg Therapy Wrap
The Complete Leg Therapy Wrap

The Complete Leg Therapy Wrap

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Introducing the latest product from The Crothers Way - The Complete Leg Therapy Wrap

Ask anyone that has worked with horses and they will tell you of the difficulty in applying therapeutic bandaging to the hocks and knees.  Bandaging these joints always carries the risk of injury to circulation and injury to the tendons and ligaments, if not applied properly.  In addition, a horse will sometimes react differently to a hock bandage than a lower leg bandage and may be inclined to “fight” the bandage when applied.  Unless you are an old-school horseman that understands the proper application and use of a spider bandage, knees and hocks are virtually impossible to therapeutically wrap - Until now!

The Complete Leg Therapy Wrap is Amish-made with a tough, durable, nylon exterior, and a padded interior consisting of 20 copper buttons and 20 individual magnets sown into the padding.  Velcro straps are provided on the exterior for closure.  The wrap is designed with recessed areas at the ankle and hocks, and an extended wrap area at the knees, all designed to help keep the wrap securely in place once applied.

Horse owners and those providing horse care know that the only true cure for injuries such as bowed tendons, pulled suspensories, bucked shins, sore feet, etc., is time.  However, these wraps, with their magnets and copper buttons, will aid in that healing by increasing circulation to the injured areas.

The wraps can also be applied as standing bandages to help relieve the general soreness horses experience after exercise, showing, racing, etc.  The increased circulation the wraps provide will help your horse bounce back quicker after exertion.

Price: $100 each, $175 for a pair.  A pair can be 2 front wraps, 2 hind wraps, or 1 front and 1 hind wrap.  Make selection at left.