At The Crothers Way, we specialize in handling horse layups, breaking horses, broodmare management/foaling, sales preparation, and providing therapy.

We use a wide range of therapeutic equipment and associated therapies to help your horse get over injuries and get back to being its best.  All of this therapy is performed onsite by Ed Crothers, the Equine Analyst.  The following is a summary of the equipment used and the therapy we can provide for your animal.

Cold Laser Therapy Pain Management

Cold Laser Therapy is a type of treatment that uses low levels of light to promote healing for different conditions, such as arthritis, joint pain, and muscle strains.  Cold laser therapy is noninvasive.  Doctors call it a cold laser as it uses low intensity light to treat inflamed tissue and does not generate heat.[1]

Chiropractic Treatment (One-time charge)

Chiropractic treatment is a procedure in which trained specialists (chiropractors) use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint.  The goal of this procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve spinal motion and improve the body's physical function.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Therapy

TENS is a therapy that uses low voltage electrical current to provide pain relief.  A TENS unit consists of a battery-powered device that delivers electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the surface of your skin.  The electrodes are placed at or near nerves where the pain is located or at trigger points.[2]

There are two theories about how trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) works.  One theory is that the electric current stimulates nerve cells that block the transmission of pain signals, modifying your perception of pain.  The other theory is that nerve stimulation raises the level of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain-killing chemical.  The endorphins then block the perception of pain.[3]

US Pro 2000 Portable Ultrasound Therapy Device

The US Pro 2000® is a clinical grade therapeutic ultrasound device that helps with effective pain relief.  The pulsed sound waves travel deep into the tissue and induce vasodilation, which helps increase blood flow to the treated area and is found to help relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms.[4]

Thermal Imaging Camera for Heat Detection

Equine Thermal Imaging uses a medical-grade infrared camera to measure the temperatures emitted from the body surface.  The software converts temperature data into images that evaluate the patient’s physiology.  These color images provide a physiological map of the patient.  This allows the practitioner to see thermal patterns and impressions unique to that patient.  Any abnormal pattern warrants further evaluation.[5]


Acupressure is a mode of treatment that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine.  Unlike the more familiar acupuncture, which uses needles inserted into a horse’s tissues to influence energy pathways, acupressure seeks to treat various conditions in the horse by using noninvasive pressure. 

Practitioners identify various locations (acupoints) located on energy pathways or meridians that run through the horse’s body.  Working on the theory that imbalances in energy flow cause problems such as pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms, they apply gentle thumb pressure at an acupoint and assess the horse’s reaction.  Considering the horse’s particular problem (anything from stiff movement under saddle to a retained placenta after foaling) along with the horse’s reaction to treatment, the practitioner can select other points to use.[6]

The Equisports™ Equine Massager

The Equisports Massager, with variable speed provides a deep, penetrating massage with the twist of a switch.  Help reduce pain, muscle tension, and stiffness by adjusting massage intensity from a soft, gentle speed to a deep, invigorating speed.  Ideal for use on ponies, donkeys, horses, and mules.  The Equisports Massager provides a soothing, deep penetrating massage that increases blood flow to assist in rejuvenation of sore, tired, or tense muscles.  If your equine needs a performance boost, the Equisports Massager can be used to help increase elasticity of the muscles.[7]

RevitaVet Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy provides healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition, while preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise.

Light therapy has been shown in over 40 years of independent research worldwide to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms.  Both visible red and infrared light have been shown to affect at least 24 different positive changes at a cellular level.  These results have been widely published for the past several decades.[8]

Sports (Kinesiology) Taping

Kinesiology taping is a taping technique designed for use in both therapeutic (injury rehabilitation) and working athletic situations.  During the last few years, the adhesive and taping techniques and patterns have been modified for use in the equine and animal world.  Just as human athletes can wear the tape when training for their sport, horses can also be ridden with the tape on when they are working.  The tape can also be applied when the horse is recovering from an injury.[9]

Magnetic Therapy

The use of magnets can ease the symptoms of chronic conditions, as well as alleviate aches and pains. Magnets are thought to act on the body’s circulation and improve blood flow to injuries. Magnetic therapy is a complement to traditional therapies and is a drug-free way to provide relief.[10]

Other Widely-Accepted Equine Therapies:

In addition to all of the previous therapies, we also use the standard and widely-accepted therapies such as banding, circulation tubs, ice therapy, etc.


ADDITIONAL SERVICES (include additional charge)

Additional services are available at the farm for an additional charge.  These include:

  • Use of the EuroXciser (European style horse exerciser, allowing free movement without tethered restraints)
  • Paddock turnouts
  • Use of indoor arena
  • Veterinary work
  • Equine dentist
  • Blacksmith
  • Vanning

Call, email, or visit the farm to find out more about these therapies and treatments, and services, and find out what we can do to help your horse get back under the saddle!