The Magic Cow Halter with Communication Buttons - Nylon

The Magic Cow Halter with Communication Buttons - Nylon

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Nylon Magic Cow Halter with Communication Buttons stop your Cow, Calf, or Bull from

        * Bolting

        * Running off

        * Pushing you around

        * Dragging

        * Saying no to leading

The Magic Cow Halter with Communication Buttons is a new training halter to break your cows to lead without spending hours every day. The old methods taught your cows the only way to lead was by being pulled.

  Move into the new era-teach your cows the new training methods to halter breaking.

The Magic Cow Halter with Communication Buttons was designed to communicate with your cows.

The videos below show the training methods using The Magic Cow Halter. Just a round pen (not a square) and The Magic Cow Halter with a  lead rope attached. Yes, you do have to put your cow into a head gate to get the halter on, then attach a lead rope to the halter, hold onto the lead rope, open the head gate and get ready for a huge surprise- the cow will bolt or walk off, but when the cow hits  the communication buttons it will turn and face you. Amazingly, the cow does not drag you. The cow may try to get away, but you have control.

 Prior to the video below, the heifer wearing The Magic Cow Halter was put into a stall with a lead rope attached to the halter. As she stepped on the lead rope, she taught herself to stop and not to pull. The next day, she was herded into a round pen (remember she is not halter broke yet) and Day 1 video was filmed in 26 minutes (not hours), she was beginning to understand.

The videos below will show you the amazing changes in a very short time. She was starting to lead, communicate, picking up her feet, tying to the wall, and more. This was done in a very short time- 1 hour total over several days.

You will have ultimate control over your calves, cows, and bulls in a way you never thought would be possible.  You have to try it to believe it