Ed Crothers - Equine Analyst

Holistic Training

Ed had a breakthrough development in his horsemanship skills after extensive interaction with farm veterinarians and chiropractors. Ed came to the conclusion that bad behavior was caused by health issues and not attitude problems. You could say that this was an awakening to the holistic approach of horsemanship that Ed has used for many years now, an approach that uses veterinarian treatment in conjunction with chiropractic treatment to ensure soundness before the horse starts training.


Over the last 20 years, Ed and his staff at Cedar Brook Farm have trained thousands of horses, including many that others could not train. Ed has continued to use and perfect the techniques that he has developed over the years.


Ed feels strongly about giving back to the community and ensuring that the young riders learn skills that will keep them safe and allow them to identify potential problems. Ed has taught his round pen techniques at horse camps in both Adams and Brown counties to help young riders.